Cantinone Storico

Fondamenta Bragadin, 661, 30123 Venezia, Italy


Ristorante Cantinone Storico Venezia

Venice is inspiring and makes you dream at all times, there’s no artist in the world that didn’t visit this incredible city at least once. There’s a district in Venice that is a landmark for those who love art and culture, its name is Dorsoduro, an area full of museums and art galleries, a gathering place for artists of all sorts, painters, musicians, writers, etc…

It’s right in this district that we can discover the venetian Restaurant Cantinone Storico, in a quaint atmosphere, reminiscent of the city’s history. The restaurant is located in the canal Rio de San vio, which merges with the Canal Grande. This is a characteristic small canal, with gondolas passing through, conducting tourists in an almost surreal peace.

The tables outside offer a suggestive scenic view of the venetian life that makes you feel like time stopped. People passing by, gondolas gliding through, a calmness that lets you set your mind at rest and ease up.

Our Wine

The Cantinone has been chosen as the best restaurant of the district, for both the quality of our meals and, also, according to many of our customers, for the wine list, personally handpicked by the owner, which is an expert sommelier. This diverse and extensive list offers the best wines of all the regions of Italy, from the most known to the finest, but also with local wines for those who want to discover the specialties of the territory. You’ll also find a special selection of Champagne.

Our Terrace

We have a large terrace, suitable for any occasion, overlooking the lagoon, to make your lunch or dinner unforgettable, tasting besides our dishes also the romantic Venetian landscape, with its many colors and all the romance that this city offers to all the visitors.

Our Restaurant

The inner space is comfortable and elegant, we aim for sobriety so you won’t find anything particularly lavish or excessive, the furniture is contemporary, the tables are big and the chairs are comfy, the environment is cozy and pleasantly warm, we offer a great table service that our customers appreciate a lot.

In fact, our customers are tourists for the most part, nearly 60%, while the remaining part consists of local people or passing by. In both cases, a lot of customers come here because of word of mouth, which means that our food and our service is very much appreciated, and that’s why, at the end of each meal, we offer our best bitters and digestives!

Where’s the restaurant

From the restaurant, you can get to all of the monuments and points of interest of Venice in no time, for example Piazza San Marco is only 15 minutes away, so the location is very central and convenient.

Cantinone Storico – Fondamenta Bragadin,
Venezia, Italia
Tel: 041-523-9577
P.IVA 03971390277